I grew up with home cooked meals…

I’m not sure if it was just me but a lot of my friends growing up had stay at home moms. It was a different time. My mom who had had a government job wasn’t allowed to continue to work once she got married as she’d have been taking the job away from someone else who’d have needed it ( This law changed a year or two later but mine stayed a stay at home mom with the arrival of my brother and sister and I arrived a few years later ). One thing we rarely had was processed food, though as we got older a few things were added to the cupboards / freezer.

This weekend saw us cooking food from scratch as we usually do and I took out my camera which I’ve not done in a while. While if left to my own devices I’d happily throw on a frozen pizza or probably grab some form of ready meal it’s not something I ever find myself willing to do for my daughter. It’ll hopefully be mostly home cooked meals for her growing up so long as we’ve got the time. Truth be told you can put together many meals in a very short time frame. The fact that they generally end up doubling as lunch the next day is a major added bonus.

Marketing Spin on your Lunch

Maybe I’m working in marketing a bit too much … I’m putting spin on what I’m having for lunch!

Lunch is a surprise today … I’m so excited


The translation of this however is we’re defrosting something from the back of the freezer that isn’t labeled. In truth we don’t actually label any of the containers in there.

End result … it was a nice blended pepper / tomato / courgette / onion tomato sauce a bit heavy on the pepper maybe but happily eaten.

A Nice Burger in Nantes – Le Bistroquet

Le Bistroquet Nantes

After heading to the clinque the other day for our last scan before the birth of number two we made a quick stop at Le Bistroquet afterwards and what can I say WOW lovely burger. They seem to have a decent selection of wines as well.

The “Lendemain” burger below is home made beef burger with a healthy chunk of Raclette cheese a big slice of thick bacon with an onion confit. All in all … WOW. Accompanied by lovely sauteed potatoes it’s well worth a stop.

Le Lendemain Burger

Negative things about it. Don’t get the BBQ sauce that’s with it, ask for the pepper sauce instead. Unless of course you’re into what I’d guess is processed BBQ sauce? (Hey if that’s the only negative thing about it all I think we’re doing pretty good)

Lovely staff, pretty quick service, decent wine menu they also do a Formule Midi …  Entree / Plat / Dessert or any combination of that if that’s your kinda thing. It didn’t appeal on the day so we went with the burger.

All in all would go again :)

So if you’re looking for a nice burger in Nantes you’ve found the right place.

It’s located at 87 Rue du Maréchal Joffre in Nantes.

You can find out more on their website: www.bistroquet.fr


Camera lenses are like wine

“Camera lenses are like wine: when you get to the good stuff, a subtle improvement costs you a lot more, and some people can taste the difference. Others are happy with a cheaper bottle that tastes just fine”

I quite like this quote I came across on http://www.wired.com/2014/06/hi-lo-dslr-lenses/?mbid=social_fb as to whether you should buy the expensive lenses.

My lenses so far include the nifty fifty which is a great little cheap lens. Another rather cheap zoom 18-200mm from Tamron … the base 18 – 55mm lens that came with the camera and a 70-300mm sigma.

I initially wasn’t too happy with the Tamron lens but once I’ve given it a bit of time it’s a great little lens on a budget.


Concept To Execution

I’d love to say I came up with this lego picture before I did the actual invites for our Data Centre launch.

I simply didn’t.

I am currently working on a video however which is kinda cool and actually requires some story boarding and careful thought rather than my usual dive right into an image. Especially as rendering time is probably going to be insane on it.

Are there any useful story board utilities out there? (for the mac or online)

I’m inviting myself to a ….

So I’ve gotten to work on an invite over the last month or so. It has been an on and off thing based on feedback and other bits and bobs.

I ended up receiving my invite today and I have to admit that I’m blown away by what I can do :P No seriously though I find it really cool. A few images merged together into a postcard style image.

Here be Dragons

The print quality is amazing with a gloss on the front and I’m simply left grinning about it all. OK if I worked more in print it probably wouldn’t be a major deal but it’s a kinda fun image, it was fun to work on and in the end it’s fun to give to people.

Did I mention I received the invite today and I’ve booked my flights already? :) Ireland here I come ( once again )

Cheap knockoff lego…

A few weeks ago .. I was scanning ebay for Lego as I do … ( HEY! some people collect stamps and stuff :P )and lo and behold I saw some lego like mini figs. CHEAP CHEAP minifigs. Now if you follow Lego sales at all you’ll know an Iron Man minifig will sell for 10 euro give or take. Darth Vader can sell for 20 – 50 at times madness I know!

I opted for the 15 pack of superhero minifigs and they arrived this morning. I’ve been kinda excited about their arrival. You know those toys you always wanted as a kid? I wanted lego … LOTS and LOTS of lego.

Decool Imitation Lego

So which one is which? :) (1 is actual lego the other is the knockoff)

Of course the suit isn’t the same ( there are 6 different iron man costumes available ) The colours are maybe off slightly but then I’m not sure if that’s just the different suit.

Am I happy? HELL YEAH!

It’s imitation Lego at a fraction of the price of the real stuff. The build quality isn’t quite up to the same level as the official stuff. The brand is Decool in case anyone is interested.