1 + 1 = 1 Week Down

2 Kilos Down

The title image will quite possibly be lost on a lot of people unless you’re Irish of course. I grew up in a house where mom used make lots of Jams and Marmalades as such there were always 5 – 10 kilos of Sugar in one of the presses. The Siúcra 1 Kilo bag has become how I describe a 1 kilo weight. Well I weighed myself this morning one week after starting my diet and I’m on 90 Kilos. 2 Down from last week and I’m feeling happy. I was going to try the Durkan Diet attack phase which basically means only protein in your diet. I found that a bit restrictive though so while I cut out carbs mostly from my diet I wasn’t very strict about it all. Monday – Friday I was good pretty much and steered clear of the carbs. Friday evening I caved and ended up having a few beers to relax. Saturday I ended up going out and having a HUGE mashed potatoe bake with ham / chorizo and yesterday I pretty much said screw it as well. Today I’m starting into the diet again properly for the week and I’ll see how I get on.

It’s pretty amazing for me to think that one week ago I was carrying around an extra 2 bags of “sugar”. This week it’s going to be more of the same diet wise. Low carbs, no fizzy drinks / beer and no sweets and I’ll see how I get on. I did keep on drinking coffee last week and I’m hoping to cut that down / out this week. I replaced sugar in my coffee with honey at any rate. Breakfasts were Scrambled eggs twice. Cereal (All Bran and Oat Flakes as well as a few weetabix). Lunches were a mix of fish with veg. A savoury mince. Dinners were burgers … steaks … fish … savoury mince. All in all I didn’t really miss bread too much apart from the day I go into the bakery and the smells drive me wild ARGH. This morning as I went in to get some bread for Val I had a strong craving for bread.

Ah well .. so starts week two. I’d expect less of a loss this week though if I get through the weekend without over indulging myself who knows.

( Last weeks post /2011/07/19/diet-on-diet-off/ )

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