10 years and 1 day…

Baking with Val

8 years and one day after meeting Val, Charlotte was born. Longest pregnancy or what? :)

Joking aside Charlotte just turned 2 today. It’s the winter solstice and also her birthday so thinking about it one way the world just gets brighter when Charlotte has her Birthday :)

Start the day with pancakes you say? :)

Start your day with Pancakes

It has been a kinda lazy day of presents / nice food and of course we played with some lego. Is she addicted to lego? no but she does like helping me out and playing with the pieces in her own way. She was driving the little truck around after it was finished as well.

Christmas Lego Time with Charlotte

She got to bake cookies with Val.

Baking with Val


I ended up cooking her my favourite dinner ever. Chicken nuggets curry and rice all home made. I grew up having this meal every Saturday for as long as I can remember. I loved Saturdays and who knows maybe it’ll become a bit of a tradition now. We don’t have a deep fat fryer so they were done in oil and a bit of butter, while not quite the same as a deep fat fryer it was still really lovely and a complete blast from the past. I’ve probably not done that since well before my mother passed away.

Home made Chicken Nuggets

Of course the main dish doesn’t look that amazing but trust me when I tell you it was out of this world. A blended curry really has a totally different flavour to a normal chunky curry.

Homemade Chicken Nuggets Curry And Rice

Little people are now asleep and it’s time to relax with a movie and a beer …

Relax With A Beer


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