I am a freelance web designer having been designing professionally for the last 13 years. I enjoy all aspects of web design and development though probably not so much the link building side of things. I specialize in creating clean SEO friendly sites. I build sites from the ground up and also make use of existing blogging software systems such as WordPress and CMS systems such as CMS Made Simple. I dislike Joomla so it’s probably not worth your while asking me to do anything with that. In general I’ve found I can theme up anything whether it’s vBulletin forum software or custom web software.

When the cat (Squishy The Cat) lets me I enjoy using photoshop to create funny images. Photography is a hobby of mine and I sometimes get to incorporate that into my work.

I’m currently working for Blacknight but am always interested in hearing about new and interesting projects.

As seen on twitter profiles so many times. “All thoughts and opinions are my own” (unless the voices told me to say it of course)

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