Asparagus and Bacon NOM!

So I never really came across Asparagus wrapped in Bacon in Ireland .. but here in the Menu del Dia’s you constantly have asparagus offered as one of the plates.

This led me the other day to say **** it I’m going to try it out

So what do you need
(preheated oven to 220C)
1: Asparagus
2: Rashers (we’ve tried this with serrano ham before but its a bit too dry)
3: Olive oil / pepper / salt (though with the rashers you could probably do with out the salt)

So take 2 -or 3 stems of asparagus … hold tightly and wrap a rasher around them

Complicated I know … try to get it so its nice and tight and holds its form
(I varied going straight across … and wrapping diagonally up the asparagus)

Repeat until no more asparagus (I then proceeded to wrap some extra bacon around them)

Place in a baking tray (Next time I’ll be trying on a grill in a baking tray)

Asparagus and Bacon Uncooked

Place it all in the preheated oven at 220C and keep an eye on it at the 15 or so minute mark and you should have something that looks like

Asparagus and Bacon In the Pan

Bit of kitchen paper to remove some excess grease and hey presto

Asparagus and Bacon Cooked

Bon Appetit

I’d give this one a 9/10 :)


  • We did Asparagus on the BBQ last year and it was delish, so I’d say this would be only amazing bunged on a hot fire like that!


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