Baked Beans on Toast as normal

Beans On Toast

Don’t worry this isn’t a post telling you how to make baked beans on toast :D

One of the things you’ll find when you live outside of your home country is you miss certain things. Whether it’s how easy it is to get fresh milk or you’re just dying for that cup of Barry’s Tea there’ll be something you miss. For me it’s the Full Irish Breakfast with Beans. In Brittany you’ll find a lot of stores cater heavily to the english market. It’s a bit like the Irish supermarkets that have a polish section in them. There’s a demand so they provide it. I always find it a bit ridiculous the Brits coming over to France and buying all the same things they’d buy at home. Except of course for the wine

Anyways most cities have an Comptoir Irlandais ( Irish Counter ) and you’ll be able to pick up lots of the comforts of home at in general a heavily inflated price. So if like me you don’t want to spend a fortune on things (2 or 3 quid for a tin of beans) you’ll find that Carrefour do a very nice white beans in tomatoe sauce which I’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between it and a tin of Heinz.


Haricots blancs a la sauce tomate (White beans in tomatoe sauce) €1.09 ( at the local Carrefour express )

Failing to find that the first time I went looking I found a tin of white beans and added in a half jar of Pasta sauce. Gives a lovely taste as well a lot less sugary than your standard baked beans.

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