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One of those days .. so we’ve got 2 Squishy posters in the one day (yes Yoda and myself have been busy). Of course if you’re on facebook you can always become a fan and get the latest updated sillyness Facebook – Catatar Its quite a fitting one given my being in Morocco last week […]

Sex and the Kitty

My poor cat is all I’ll say he has no choice in the movie posters he appears in. This one is quite possibly leads to questions of cruelty to animals but please note no cats were harmed in the making of this poster (though I was clawed once or twice afterwards) Follow him over at […]

Hot Fuzz y cats

Here’s one I prepared earlier. I really have been having fun with Photoshop and image manipulation this week. Here’s one of Hot Fuzz with Simon Pegg removed and Squishy shoved in in his place. This one was tricky enough to do but good fun all the same to do Anyone have any suggestions on the […]

This is Catatar

Out with the old and in with the new so to speak … I have recently been making some decisions … I find that my time is less than productive when on Twitter though it is a good release for me working from a home office. I’ve also found that I was spending more and […]