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Straight Facts - Vote Yes

Straight Facts – Vote Yes

So I ended up working on a small PDF to try and put together a small summary of the key points that people seem to be discussing or confused by in the marriage referendum. It’s an A4 PDF for no other reason than that seems like a good size. It could no doubt be tweaked a bit but I guess that’s besides the point.

Thanks to @brian_dneen, @mneylon, @damienmulley and @imisaninja for input, ideas and feedback :)

Here’s a 1200×1697 pixel png of it in case that’s more your thing :)

I call it Straight Facts!

Straight Facts - Vote Yes

Feel free to download it print it / pass it onto friends.

If you’ve got any other suggestions / corrections let me know and I’ll see about updating it.

Straight Facts – Vote Yes PDF (1.4MB)

Children Deserve Equality

Children Deserve Equality

Children Deserve Equality

You might not recognise the people in the photo. They are however being used by the No campaign on Marriage Equality.

I can’t honestly say what their views are hence I included a disclaimer at the bottom of the image. What I can tell you is that apparently the Stock Photographer and the models involved in the original no poster graphic aren’t happy. You don’t have much choice as to where your images appear when you’ve signed a model release and distribute your stock images to multiple stock image sites. I can try to do my part though.

Here’s what Adam Hills ( who I’ve never heard of before ) has to say about things (hat tip to )

Adam Hills on the Vote No Poster

You can also read what the stock photographer has to say about things.

There’s a post over on the Blacknight blog about it

I won’t be in Ireland to vote. I’ve never really taken that much interest in Politics in the past but this isn’t about politics this is about equality. I’ve donated to the Yes Campaign and I’m trying to encourage people to vote. I have two small kids and when they grow up I want them to have the same rights I have no matter what. So I can only hope that everyone goes out and votes yes on the day.

Concept To Execution


Concept To Execution

I’d love to say I came up with this lego picture before I did the actual invites for our Data Centre launch.

I simply didn’t.

I am currently working on a video however which is kinda cool and actually requires some story boarding and careful thought rather than my usual dive right into an image. Especially as rendering time is probably going to be insane on it.

Are there any useful story board utilities out there? (for the mac or online)

Here be Dragons

I’m inviting myself to a ….

So I’ve gotten to work on an invite over the last month or so. It has been an on and off thing based on feedback and other bits and bobs.

I ended up receiving my invite today and I have to admit that I’m blown away by what I can do :P No seriously though I find it really cool. A few images merged together into a postcard style image.

Here be Dragons

The print quality is amazing with a gloss on the front and I’m simply left grinning about it all. OK if I worked more in print it probably wouldn’t be a major deal but it’s a kinda fun image, it was fun to work on and in the end it’s fun to give to people.

Did I mention I received the invite today and I’ve booked my flights already? :) Ireland here I come ( once again )

Rare Behind The Scenes Footage

Battling coffee addiction!

Rare Behind The Scenes Footage

I started the year with plans to cut down on the coffee. I drink too much of the stuff I dump sugar into it and repeat. This gives me the buzz at the time but later on I crash or worse still I can’t sleep. So I ended up finishing off all the coffee in the flat. I think there may be some decaff pods somewhere but erm .. decaff what’s the point.

So today I whipped out the juicer. It takes minutes to make a really nice juice. For the above I threw in:

  • a few branches of celery
  • 1 apple
  • 1/2 a cucumber
  • A decent sized chunk of ginger (1 – 2 cm cube )

Refreshing and tasty though a lot of people seem to have a problem with celery and it’s taste I love it. If I’d had any carrots around I’d have thrown one in as well.

While I get plenty of veg in the dinners we prepare I generally don’t go out of my way to eat any extra veg / fruit. I like to think this is a good way to get some and it’s quick too. The longest part is the clean up of the juicer.

Migrate to Blacknight

Blacknight now offering website migration

Migrate to Blacknight

As per the title Blacknight is now offering website migrations. It’s not quite as simple as click click click things need to be backed up. Moving to the new platform (think all the files / databases / permissions / special tweaks you’ve done to the code to make it run on the existing platform) So if you fill out the form the Blacknight migration team will get back to you. A lot of the time the move may include a few tweaks to the site not to mention software upgrades. Improved banners / theme / update of the software you’re running so I think it’s most definitely worth it. Though it’s best to get in contact to see exactly what’s possible.

I threw together the above  photo/image over lunch cus well we’ve got battle hardened troops ready to dive right in.

Ho Ho Ho

Last minute christmas panic!

No don’t worry it’s not last minute Christmas shopping panic. It’s last minute sorting out Charlotte’s present panic. Santa is building her a cooker and of course with one of the elves being away a week and not using all the tools that often this equates to things getting left to the last minute.

Oh well have a lego photo instead. It was the advent day 24 calendar and who had to arrive? SANTA

Ho Ho Ho

Tidying My Desk

Tidying up my desk…

Tidying My Desk

It’s technically Monday here and I don’t have work. This feels weird. I’m going to be off the full week. This feels very weird. Current mood = happy / sleepy / not tired .. interesting to see how long I’ll stay off the computer for in the morning.

I’m guessing 5 minutes.

I’ve ended up tidying up my desk a bit. I’m planning on trying to sort my office out this week, though with a little girl who wants constant attention this may prove to be rather tricky.

I must take photos of the progress.

It pays to shop around…

You know how it pays to shop around right? I think we all do but sometimes I’m just blown away by quite how much prices can vary. I wanted to get my nephew a little present for Christmas. Personally I think lego is the kind of gift that just keeps on giving so hey presto I said why not. I’ve already gotten him Batman so Superman is the next logical step right? :) (Especially with the recent movie) So I head on over to and what do I see … well it’s set 76009 for €27.99 and that technically doesn’t include free shipping. You can get free shipping if you hit €55.


Realising I’m going to be back in Ireland for a few days and I take a quick look at with the below pricing … oh hell that’s a bit better €24.99 and down to €22.49 SCORE!

Lego Price

However once again it’s not including any shipping so that’ll be another €4.99 thank you very much so we’re back to €27.48 in total? OUCH!

Lego with Shipping

I’ve an amazon prime subscription which means free shipping for the year / next day delivery. I love it … do I get my value’s worth out of it? I’m not entirely sure I like to think I do. So ( yes I’m in France ) are doing the exact same set for €17.69 with free shipping because I have free shipping. He searches. He clicks buy now… HE SCORES!!!

Lego Amazon

But wait there’s more! so imagine my surprise when I was back in Ireland last week for a few days and wander into Tesco. I’m picking up some of the usual things I miss from home. Lemsip / Curry Powder / Mince Pies and various other bits and bobs and lo and behold there on the shelf is the exact same kit! How much you might ask? €14.49 and I just have to put it into my basket and checkout.

As I said … it pays to shop around. Thankfully this year getting pricey toys for Charlotte isn’t something we have to do but in the future we’ll no doubt be forced to fork out on the latest and greatest things. I for one however know I’ll be shopping around.