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Dáil Wars – A New Hope

So Ireland has a new government and after seeing what was happening in the Dáil yesterday all I could think was Dáil Wars … and well it’s the new hope for Ireland. I for one welcome our new overlords and whatever about the government and my own preferences I’m looking forward to seeing what the […]

Country gone to the dogs?

For the day that’s in it … If you’re in Ireland and able to … get out there and vote. Be the change you want to see in your pocket! Unfortunately I’m not in the country along with a few other colleagues who are travelling today so we’ve no way of actually voting. (One in […]

I am not gay

Thinking about this post title for a bit and I was wondering what it should be. I had a few thoughts but in the end I think the title I chose sums it up best. Growing up for me in Catholic Ireland I did all the cliched things .. all boys Catholic Primary School .. […]

Civil servants get half day christmas shopping leave?

Just came across this RTE article about Civil / Public servants in Ireland getting a half day leave to go shopping? Pardon me but … W.T.F. Now my numbers are no doubt off but these are just rough calculations 60,000 civil / public servants all taking a half day … which would be 4 […]

Cheapest .ie domains?

So given that it is black friday the boss at Blacknight is giving out a coupon code valid for one day only. Head on over to and you can grab a Dot ie for just €9.99 (You can get .eu’s for €2.99 and .be’s for €2.99) Use coupon code:blackfriday (no spaces – lower case) […]