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Funny advertising :)

Last post was all about powerful advertising … this one is about funny advertising. Its the kinda thing I’d pretty much like to pass onto all my friends. When an ad makes you laugh and want to pass it on its gone viral (though obviously thats just my opinion and I don’t yet know its […]

Powerful Advertising…

Every so often an advert comes along that just blows your mind. That just happened for me. Ronan Palliser posted a link (RT’d) on twitter to the following video All I can really say is wow .. much more effective than a lot of the blood and guts ones that have become so popular. At […]

This day 10 years ago …

I had been awake last night thinking about lots of things I wanted to say about this last night. A bit of a public outlet to let me get things off my chest but now there is only really one thing I have to say. 10 years ago my mom lost her battle against cancer. […]