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Forbairt in Lego

Forbairt in Lego Forbairt Lego Man

How do you make yourself in lego? I’m not entirely sure. Step 1: take what you suspect people think you do most and Step 2: dump it into a photo? Does this count as a lego selfie? So what did I put into this “Forbairt Lego minifig” Cool t-shirt? ( I like to think I’ve […]

Current Mood…

Current Mood… Current Mood Tired

Tired … and in search of brainz brainz … erm … I mean chocolate … Don’t know if it’s the weather though it’s not particularly miserable today it’s actually rather nice or just tired in general? Holidays are about resting right? Why is it I don’t feel particularly rested after them?

Guess who in lego

Guess who in lego Guess Who in Lego

I guess if you take some of the more popular people from the Irish Twitter stream it’s rather easy to come up with Lego representations of them. I personally don’t think I need to mention who this is. If you’ve not figured it out there’s no hope for you. I had wanted to post this […]