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15 years …

It’s strange you want to mark the occasion in some way but you don’t really want to come across being related to “oh god he’s posting that again” type comments. Still it’s something that deeply affected me. I lost my mom 15 years ago today and to this day I still miss her like crazy. […]

How do you feel?

How do you feel? How Do You Feel

I took this lego photo a while back and it strikes a cord with me every time I see it. Yes I know it’s just some little minifig but it’s always got that more serious edge to it as well. What face are you going to display to the world today? Personally I’ve been feeling […]

Diet On Diet Off

Diet On Diet Off

Seems like these days everyone is getting healthy at least my social media streams are constantly being updated by gym visits … diet tips and all sorts of links. Well I’ve been trying constantly the last few months to kick start a diet and well it hasn’t been working. Hence I’m about to make this […]