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The Stress!!!

If you know what the above picture is then you possibly know the stress that comes with pressing it. When you’re writing / designing  a newsletter  you hope that you don’t screw up anything in it. Sure a spelling mistake isn’t a big deal / or is it? Does it make things look unprofessional to some […]

Enter the SME Awards today!

In case you didn’t know we’re the headline sponsor for the . I fixed up this image yesterday. If you’re in the know well Blacknight .. a “dragon” with a heart? a business man and what the hell a unicorn for good measure :) It makes sense right? :) I also worked on the […]

The new domain name game

I’m working for the leading Irish web hosting company Blacknight and so get to deal with domains a lot. In the domain name industry we’re living in slightly exciting times. We’re about to see the launch of 100s of new extensions. The original number of applications was up around 1930 with a number of collisions […]

I can’t remove “jQuery Lightbox Plugin (balupton edition)” from lightbox popup

Currently using the jquery-lightbox plugin and finding that show_linkback and <script type=”text/javascript” src=”jquery.lightbox.min.js?show_linkback=false”></script> doesn’t seem to be disabling it. I don’t have time to go messing about and seeing why it isn’t working at the moment so the quick solution is editing the jquery.lightbox.min.js file Find the bit show_linkback:true in there and change it to […]