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Cats vrs Dogs who will win?

Those who know me probably think I’m some kinda cat obsessed maniac of some sort and I guess you might be slightly right. 3 years ago give or take a few months my wife wanted a cat and we got Yoda (stage name Squishy). I was never a big fan of cats growing up I […]

Newsletter headaches…

I’ve been working on some newsletters over the last few months and in general they have gone fairly smoothly. We’re using mailchimp to send and its a great tool but at times it really does my head in. I’ve come up against a few cases where things have disappeared and other issues within their UI […]

Brand Protection Online

One of the most common questions I see over on the likes or is, which domain extension should I get? I’m always quite surprised by the question I have to admit. Usually people want to know if they should market their business as the .ie (Irish Country Code Top Level Domain – cctld) […]