The Charlotte Cooker ( patent pending ) Phase 1

The initial result


That awkward moment when your wife says … wouldn’t it be great if … Bedside Table

The plan was hatched a while back I guess. Wouldn’t it be cool to make something for Charlotte rather than just buying something from a shop? Val picked up the bedside table above for €5 on le bon coin.Woodwork

I don’t get to work with tools that much. I have however seemed to grow a small collection in the last 2 – 3 years. The latest addition were chisels.Holy Work

The biggest problem putting this project together was the circular hole not to mention the front of the oven. Bit of wood putty fill to patch up a few holes seems to do a rather nice job as well.

Tidying it up

Val added a splash of colour and it all starts to take shape. Front oven door is a bit of left over wood from some shelves I put together a few months back.Handcrafted dials

Val was all set on using some small IKEA dials she’d picked up for 50 cents or something. I said I could put together a twisty dial thing again from some scraps of wood. She wondered … what on earth but … Are they perfect? No but it’s a lot of fun to put them together. I think they look great and I only sliced my fingers open 3 times :D The stove

Putting a bit of colour onto the dials. (Well black is a colour right?) and adding in a small plate and some holes in the plate below for the screws mean they’ll turn rather nicely.The Stove 2

Again another small sheet of plywood and some work with the jigsaw means I’ve got a kinda quirky hob plate. I actually love the fact they aren’t perfectly round it adds something to it. The Hobs

Just in time we managed to put it all together. The hot and cold taps were the drawer knobs. The tap is a letter J that val picked up. The “Glass” for the oven was a sheet of perspex? from a picture frame that was used for another purpose.The initial result

Phase one is complete and a very happy baby was seen putting things into the cooker and on the hobs. All in all a major success and it’s not finished yet. More tweaking / More painting and fine tuning to go :)

It’s really nice to make something for someone and I love my wife for having the idea, sorting all the painting and all the project management and ideas about it all :)

Stay tuned for Phase 2 :D I .. am … excited :)


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