Cheap knockoff lego…

Decool Imitation Lego

A few weeks ago .. I was scanning ebay for Lego as I do … ( HEY! some people collect stamps and stuff :P )and lo and behold I saw some lego like mini figs. CHEAP CHEAP minifigs. Now if you follow Lego sales at all you’ll know an Iron Man minifig will sell for 10 euro give or take. Darth Vader can sell for 20 – 50 at times madness I know!

I opted for the 15 pack of superhero minifigs and they arrived this morning. I’ve been kinda excited about their arrival. You know those toys you always wanted as a kid? I wanted lego … LOTS and LOTS of lego.

Decool Imitation Lego

So which one is which? :) (1 is actual lego the other is the knockoff)

Of course the suit isn’t the same ( there are 6 different iron man costumes available ) The colours are maybe off slightly but then I’m not sure if that’s just the different suit.

Am I happy? HELL YEAH!

It’s imitation Lego at a fraction of the price of the real stuff. The build quality isn’t quite up to the same level as the official stuff. The brand is Decool in case anyone is interested.


  • I’m gonna hazard a guess and say the IM on the right is the KO, there are a couple of tell tale signs, though of course I could just be telling myself tales.

    • The head on the right wasn’t pushed down correctly if that’s one of the signs. The shot was taken rather hastily at the end of my lunch. You do notice a difference in the colour though. I really need to check the other lego models. There’s a pack of 6 iron men and one is similar to the model on the left.

  • mmm… you will say that I’m crazy, but I think the left one (the one who have LEGO writhed on the hands) is the lego one, I know is risky choice, but I’m really brave :P


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