Roast Chicken

I ended up cooking my first chicken by myself today. Nothing amazing there I know it’s just the first time I’ve ever gone and cooked a whole chicken by myself. Charlotte is sick at the moment so she slept late on Sunday and we had brunch instead of a nice roast lunch. She went to the doctors today so we thought it’d be nice to have something special for her. (She hates going to the doctors)

Wash / Rince .. put in tray .. put in oven at 180C hey presto it’s CHICKEN!

Roast Chicken

Why on earth I’ve never cooked a chicken by myself before I’ll never know. I left it completely plain. Didn’t put anything on it and the results are pretty amazing the taste is lovely. Of course it’s not one of the 2.99€ chickens you can find in the supermarket so it’s practically a case of what you see is what you end up with once it’s cooked. We’ve made a conscious effort since last year to use better quality meats / poultry. I was for example picking up a roast chicken from the market every second sunday. It was nice it was convenient but the taste is nothing like our own oven roast chicken. I wasn’t actually buying a free range roast chicken either as the price on those was putting it up at 15 – 20€. Understandable in some ways. You want good quality you pay for it.

The local supermarket is currently doing 25% off their free range chickens so I may end up picking up another one. The above was guaranteed to have lived for  at least 81 days.

One chicken breast has fed the three of us for lunch so at 7.23€ for the chicken (including the 25% off) that’s pretty good value. We’ll be getting another nice chicken breast .. 2 legs and so on out of it. I see a merguez / chicken cous cous in our future :)

Next up … I’m going to get seasoning it. No idea what to do I don’t want to kill the flavour too much. I’m seeing thyme and lemon … garlic chicken and all the while coated with butter. I’ll be throwing in some veg the next time as well I think.

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