Dáil Wars – A New Hope

Dail Wars - A New Hope

So Ireland has a new government and after seeing what was happening in the Dáil yesterday all I could think was Dáil Wars … and well it’s the new hope for Ireland.

I for one welcome our new overlords and whatever about the government and my own preferences I’m looking forward to seeing what the likes of Luke Flanagan and Mick Wallace will bring to the table. Must admit I was rather impressed with Luke’s / Ming’s speech yesterday.

I believe a very valid point was raised … we’re going to cut 25,000 Public Sector Jobs … and we’ve plans to create 25,000 Private sector jobs this appears to be have been one of the key campaign points no? … so no real plans to cut unemployment in the country then. Though obviously Private Sector jobs will obviously be better for all and mean less burden on the state via tax to pay these wages.

Dáil image used: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:D%C3%A1il_Chamber.jpg

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