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Seems like these days everyone is getting healthy at least my social media streams are constantly being updated by gym visits … diet tips and all sorts of links. Well I’ve been trying constantly the last few months to kick start a diet and well it hasn’t been working. Hence I’m about to make this blog post get it out in the open so to speak and make me realise I need to just do it.

It’s not really a case that I’m exactly unhealthy I get a lot of exercise at least I got for a few km of a walk every day. I am however prone to sitting in the home office day in / day out and when stressed this leads to all sorts of food being consumed. A can of coke here (though in my case it tends to be a 2 litre bottle) a pack of crisps there .. and I’m talking the 100 – 200gramme variety … being a bit too busy to cook properly or just to cook for myself and I’ll end up throwing on a pizza. A pizza it should be noted has pretty much all the calories I should be having in a day and I’ll happily polish one off for dinner. Living above a bakery doesn’t help either and it’s very easy to go grab a butter laden pastry or another baguette.

So I’m finally putting this blog post online. I need to cut out the crap and get back to eating healthy. From a few of the meals I post I really should be eating healthier. For me it’s mainly going to be about cutting down on the coffee with sugar .. red bull or similar energy drinks and all the other crud I pack into myself. Thinking about it I’ll generally relax with a beer or two in the evening to boot add in a few more at the weekend and ouch!. Definitely not a healthy mix at all and it’s all pushing up my daily calorie intake to a constant putting on weight mode.

I’m currently at 92 Kilos and I feel bloated … around the tummy especially some pants feel a bit tight not to mention my suit and while I’d love to think they’ve just shrunk in the wash I probably can’t blame it on that completely.

So no doubt there are lots of diets out there but the one I’m going to try for now is Basically the first week is about cutting out carbs (for 5 – 10 days in the attack phase) and having lots of protein and well I think I can live with that. I’ll give it 5 days at any rate.

I should be on 2600 calories a day. Immediately by giving up having 2 beers a night = around 300calories each so that’s 600 calories which = wow … just wow. A pizza looking at the boxes is anywhere from 1500 – 2500 on the ones I’m seeing at any rate and I probably do that one day a week.

Sugar in my Coffee … that pastry … bottle of coke (1.5litre) seems to be 600 calories … those biscuits or that bar of chocolate … EEK .. I’m starting to think I should be dead or something with what I’ve been putting into myself :D

So it starts … ( well it started yesterday with a pretty low carb diet )


  • best of luck to you James !

    After over two years of promising to get under 80kgs, I’ve finally done it. One interesting diet I did try (the first time for me doing a diet) was an elimination diet. Where you cut out lots of things that you might be allergic to, and then after 3 weeks you introduce them slowly to see if you are allergic or react badly to anything.

    Coffee & Beer, while tasty, aren’t your friends. It’s probably worth cutting them out completely (at least at the start).


  • Hmm I reckon I know certain things I’m allergic to or at least slightly allergic to. Nuts / Cheese ( cheddar plays havock with my skin ) / Orange Juice … and well my breathing goes funny when I have dairy.

    I’m not planning on stopping everything I have to admit. I’m just going to try cutting down on things. I’ll allow myself a beer or two and if I go out a beer or three :D but not every night and not at home. It’s scary to do the maths and see how many calories I take and how many I need somedays. 3 Beers + a Pizza = my daily allowance andif I’m having that I’ll have had a bottle of coke as well and some chocolate .. not to mention breakfast and lunch and a few crisps or something while watching something. That’s up on 4000+ calories or I’m doing the maths wrong :(

  • Well you should try to eliminate those allergens, even if it’s for the 2-3 weeks . I’ve sent you a document to have a look at.

    Watching your calorie intake and portion size will start to make a difference. And then all you need to do is some (more) exercise and you’ll be heading south on the weight scale !

    Best of luck.


  • Cheers Paul,

    I’m trying to do a low carb diet not quite the Dukan diet I linked to but close enough. Taking a look at some breakfast cereals this morning I was left going wow as a bowl of Jordan’s mix is 1000+ calories … I mean wow … just wow

    Took a quick look through what you sent on and I may end up trying it I’m liking the same menus at any rate but for the moment I’ll stick with what I’m doing and weigh myself again monday and see how things are going and may re-evaluate. Not getting that much exercise this week as it’s gone cold here and I think I’m seriously missing all the extra carbs I generally eat cus I’m freezing :D that or my body is in some kinda withdrawl :o


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