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So my name is James and I make websites. One of those websites is for Blacknight and its Dropped.ie the Dropped .IE domain list. Now even though I’m working on it I’m addicted to it. I just LOVE seeing what domains have dropped and whats available. I’ve even gone and picked up a few of them myself. (Details to follow when I actually get around to launching the projects they are for).

So my post title was about new features … get on with it you say. Well one of the features was described over on the blacknight blog. Semantic “Funky” Search. So basically .com suggested alternatives have been added in but with a slight twist. It’ll give you examples of other domains based on semantic search so if you go and search for espresso for example you’ll get hit with various search terms related to espresso .. and what is an espresso. Its a coffee.

Espresso Related domain search

They aren’t premium domains that you can buy from people. They are domains not registered at all. Handy no?

If premium domains are your thing they are listed there as well towards the bottom of your searches. A bit out of my budget for the most part but I dream of finding a great one going cheap at some stage.

So now you’re not just getting dropped .IE domains. You’re getting suggestions on .com domains that are available and premium domains.

Other nice features available are suggested keywords and county keywords.

From an SEO point of view with the .IE domains you can check on their age, history and from archive.org you can see what was previously on the sites.

So any comments / suggestions feel free to make them. Blacknight are open to suggestions and I’m open to challenged with messing about with the system.


  • I love that site too! Although in a way it’s sad to see so many domains being dropped – for example ‘websiteoftheyear.ie’ ;)

  • I would say its sad except it was only regged last year and erm nothing was done with it ? so its best its let back into the wild for people to play with :)

  • James, absolutely awesome. This has become one of my favorite Irish websites. Well due for an award this year I think!

    Great job. Really, fantastic.

    PS: Add an comment email subscription plugin to your blog would ya? (I don’t know why it’s not a default feature yet).

  • Thanks Dave,

    Its definitely been a fun project to work on :)

    I’ve added in an email subscription plugin (could actually have sworn it was all automagic) seems rather silly its not in there by default as you said.


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