Eolaí – Challenge Accepted

Eolai Challenge Accepted

I have to admit to being kinda blown away by the response to my If Eolaí were a lego man post. To date it has more than 140 likes on facebook. Which is kinda mind blowing. My previous post on What should I be charging for webdesign? which racked up quite a few likes and a LOT of comments didn’t quite garner the same number of facebook likes. It did at the time when it was mentioned by a few big sites end up crashing my blog. (You’ll notice no likes anymore as it existed on my old blog so the likes are no longer showing up I think it was around 80 or 90 though I’d need to confirm.)

So how can I follow up the previous Eolaí picture you might ask? Why with another one of course.

Eolai Challenge Accepted

I’d ordered Val a new teapot the other day so the timing couldn’t have been better. Over doing the lego posts? What the hell it makes me happy on my lunch break!

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