If Eolaí were a lego man …

Eolai the Artist

Eolai the Artist

I ended up doing a few of these for people last year and they are kind of fun. You tend to need to know a bit about the person though. So no I wasn’t asked by Eolaí (Liam Daly) to make one but after last night’s post about the new year and a blank canvas I couldn’t help but thinking the picture I’d used really did remind me of him. I’ve only met Liam 2 or 3 times at various tweetups or similar events. I do however stalk him on twitter though and like to see where he’s going with his art (…and when he’s getting his next cup of tea)

If you follow Eolaí on twitter you might get a few of the references in there. I’ve even added tags for those without much of an imagination :P

Now I just need to go buy a lego kit with a bicycle! (yes I’m already on ebay)


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