FREE GAMES – The Humble Bundle 3 (pay what you want)

Humble Indie Bundle

I always end up saying something like FREE GAMES in the title of these posts cus I think it possibly works. No idea if it does but if you want DRM free / cross platform (linux / windows / mac) games at a price you dictate then this is it.

You’re getting 5 Games for whatever price you want


Crayon Physics Deluxe
And Yet It Moves

Some of the money goes to charity as well and you decide how it’s spread out.

I’ve previously picked up World of Goo which is one of the most original games I’ve ever played with an amazing soundtrack to boot.

So head on over to the HumbleBundle and get some games :)



  • I always pick them up myself, they’re always well worth it! Still, it’s disappointing and a bit depressing how cheap Windows and MacOS users are.

  • I’m a cheap mac bastard .. I paid 5 quid.
    It’s more than nothing though :) Think I paid a tenner when World of Goo was there can’t remember if I got the second bundle hmm.

    I don’t really want the bundle but figured it’d be kinda cool to try out the Wacom tablet with Crayon Physics.

    I’m always a bit wowed by the 1 or 2k they get from some people / orgs.

  • Just donated another fiver the whole offer is just too good no idea if I’ll play the games but feeling guilty about it :D (still a cheap bastard but) :D


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