The Galway Film Society Website is Live

Modal Window Content for the Galway Film Society

I went and updated the Galway Film Society website this morning.

It’s based on their brochure that is created by another design crowd. So this is simply a place to go to find out about the movies / link into the Town Hall Theatre Galway another three letter .ie website I still maintain :)

Galway Film Society Brochure

Does it work? I quite like it I should probably update the version of Foundation I’m using in it but personally I think it works well. I could of course try to reduce file sizes a bit more and go optimizing it to high hell and back.

Could lots of other things be added to it? No doubt.

Galway Film Society Website

However for a 1 page micro website I’m quite happy with it :)

Modal Window Content for the Galway Film Society

So like it or hate it feel free to comment and if you have someone “close” in Galway and are stuck for a Christmas present for them you can’t go wrong with a season ticket for the Galway Film Society. That’s 10 movies for €45.

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