Great Free Games – world of goo – gish – penumbra and more

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OK now that the title got your attention no they aren’t free they are pay what you want its up to you (you can even gift it to someone).

These are a number of great games from some Indie developers (one of my favourite being World of Goo from I picked up World of Goo before actually and the graphics are beautiful the concept brilliant (connect balls of goo to reach a pipe so you can go to the next level … but its goo so its bendy.

I’ve not played the other games but I’m looking forward to it when I’ve a bit more time. Gish and Penumbra look really interesting to me .. not so much Aquaria or Lugaru but who knows they could be great. They’ve all gotten pretty decent scores on Metacritic as well ranging from 70/100 -> 90/100 I think.

Whats more … you decide how you want your donation / payment split up either to the developers and charities or in any combination you want. So far the average contribution is $7.95 which is not bad. ( Charities are Child’s Play Charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation)

So why not head on over to and grab the bundle for yourself or watch their video on what its all about.

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