I’m inviting myself to a ….

Here be Dragons

So I’ve gotten to work on an invite over the last month or so. It has been an on and off thing based on feedback and other bits and bobs.

I ended up receiving my invite today and I have to admit that I’m blown away by what I can do :P No seriously though I find it really cool. A few images merged together into a postcard style image.

Here be Dragons

The print quality is amazing with a gloss on the front and I’m simply left grinning about it all. OK if I worked more in print it probably wouldn’t be a major deal but it’s a kinda fun image, it was fun to work on and in the end it’s fun to give to people.

Did I mention I received the invite today and I’ve booked my flights already? :) Ireland here I come ( once again )

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  • It’s always nice getting stuff printed, isn’t it.
    I saw the printed cards shortly after they were picked up from the printer and can too vouch for their quality. The image is superb.


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