La Table Vénitienne Nantes

La Table Vénitienne

One of the biggest shocks to the system when moving from Madrid to Nantes was the cost of going out for a meal. Of course I was probably a bit spoiled living in Lavapies in Madrid being able to get a 3 course meal with a coffee and a bottle of wine for 8 or 9 quid. So this week as Cabin Fever kicks into over drive (yes I’m going slightly insane working / living in the home / office all the time) I’ve decided that I’m going to try getting out for lunch a bit more. First up is La Table Vénitienne which is on 1 Place Catinat 44000 Nantes.

I opted for the lunch time special which comes to €13.50 and comes with your main ( any pizza / pasta ), Desert of the day and a Coffee.

It being a bit of a warm day I opted against my usual Spag Bol and went with a Pizza … cheeze, chorizo and an Egg ( something you generally just don’t get in Ireland ). The pizza was cooked in a wood oven at least I think so the base was thing and had that slight burnt wood taste to it.

While it’s not much to look at it was rather tasty I ordered a glass of house red and at 2.40 and a good sized glass it was rather nice as well.

Chorizo and Egg Pizza

Val ended up having a chicken with Tomato and Olive dish with a side of spinach which she said was rather tasty.

Chicken in Tomatoe and Olive sauce

Desert for me was a compot of apple (stewed apple) nice even if a little too sweet and the coffee was nice as well.

The restaurant is on a little square with a roundabout that doesn’t get a huge amount of traffic thankfully so the sun and the company made it a lovely lunch

Good food and good company

All in all 6/10 it’s nice food for lunch … a nice little square and a nice way to spend your lunch hour in the sun and with good company.

1 Place Catinat Nantes

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