lego Simpsons is coming and I’ll be ready!

The Monolith

The Monolith

So my streams were all a buzz last week about the new Lego sets that are coming out. People may think I’m obsessed with lego at times. The sets in question are of course the Simpsons sets. Well I’ll be brushing up on my lego photo taking skills and maybe even adding in one or two Props! Unfortunately the above prop disappeared shortly after this photo was taken.

Have a look at the below video it’s rather cool it’s the Simpsons Lego house it’ll be costing around the €200 mark which while quite pricey is rather good pricing for a set of this size. ($199 dollars in the US which comes in at around €150 why why do they do this sighs) Will I be getting it? God no but I’d love to pick up a Homer. I’d even need to pick up some more props for him :)

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