We like the Pie II

Noticing A Theme

Noticing A Theme

Ho Ho Ho … taking time out to share some of the Christmas cheer around here :)

I suspect my baggage on the way back to Nantes is going to be filled with these mince pies (well maybe not these specifically but .. ) and some jars of Mince Meat. Lemsips will be stocked up on as well … ( Found some Christmas tissues last night as well I had to buy they go nicely with the photo )

Anybody need me to bring back anything? :)


  • Glad you’re enjoying them :)
    You probably want to get some Christmas pudding, custard and a few other things that are impossible to get in (most of) France

  • In fairness a lot of things are stocked at the Le Comptoir Irlandais. You’ll find various Irish / UK beers .. biscuits / crisps and sauces and so on. It just however tends to be quite pricey when compared to what you’ll pay here. Most supermarkets now have pretty decent “foreign” food sections as well. You’ll find custard and so on there. Christmas pudding wouldn’t be high on my list of things to get as I’ve never been that big a fan. However a lot of the Sharewoods curry powers ( or even Tesco brand versions ) are a must stock up on item when I’m back in Ireland.


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