This day 10 years ago …

I had been awake last night thinking about lots of things I wanted to say about this last night. A bit of a public outlet to let me get things off my chest but now there is only really one thing I have to say. 10 years ago my mom lost her battle against cancer. […]

Social Media For Dummies I

My name is James and I made the Greatest SEO Marketing Guru website ever I also made the theme for the site Social Media Expert Like most people using “social media” I’m constantly amazed by the amount people seeking advice / how to’s and so on. I’m also heavily amazed by the amount of people […]

Texts, lie-ins and video cameras – Barcelona March 2010 – Part II

And we start on day two of the Barcelona adventure and it finds us heading for breakfast at a friends who lives up near the Sagrada Familia. Barcelona is mostly designed in “blocks” so its quite easy to find your way around. Of course some parts of it are going to be meandering but from […]


Thanks to a good friend Matthew for the suggestion on this one. Its an old classic movie :) that I’ve not seen in quite some time so maybe with my cats help its on the cards again :D Rather hastily done but ah well :) its the thought that counts


One of those days .. so we’ve got 2 Squishy posters in the one day (yes Yoda and myself have been busy). Of course if you’re on facebook you can always become a fan and get the latest updated sillyness Facebook – Catatar Its quite a fitting one given my being in Morocco last week […]