15 years …

It’s strange you want to mark the occasion in some way but you don’t really want to come across being related to “oh god he’s posting that again” type comments. Still it’s something that deeply affected me. I lost my mom 15 years ago today and to this day I still miss her like crazy. […]

Sausage Pasta Bake

So I’ve been living a bit outside my comfort zone where it comes to food in recent weeks. Last week I decided to do a pasta bake for the first time. Following on from the success of that one, I opted to do another last night. The sausage pasta bake. For the ingredients: 5 decent […]

Enter the SME Awards today!

In case you didn’t know we’re the headline sponsor for the SMEAwards.ie . I fixed up this image yesterday. If you’re in the know well Blacknight .. a “dragon” with a heart? a business man and what the hell a unicorn for good measure :) It makes sense right? :) I also worked on the […]

Marketing Spin on your Lunch

Maybe I’m working in marketing a bit too much … I’m putting spin on what I’m having for lunch! Lunch is a surprise today … I’m so excited Translation? The translation of this however is we’re defrosting something from the back of the freezer that isn’t labeled. In truth we don’t actually label any of […]

Camera lenses are like wine

“Camera lenses are like wine: when you get to the good stuff, a subtle improvement costs you a lot more, and some people can taste the difference. Others are happy with a cheaper bottle that tastes just fine” I quite like this quote I came across on http://www.wired.com/2014/06/hi-lo-dslr-lenses/?mbid=social_fb as to whether you should buy the […]