Storyboarding Concept To Execution

I’d love to say I came up with this lego picture before I did the actual invites for our Data Centre launch. I simply didn’t. I am currently working on a video however which is kinda cool and actually requires some story boarding and careful thought rather than my usual dive right into an image. […]


Chicken! Roast Chicken

I ended up cooking my first chicken by myself today. Nothing amazing there I know it’s just the first time I’ve ever gone and cooked a whole chicken by myself. Charlotte is sick at the moment so she slept late on Sunday and we had brunch instead of a nice roast lunch. She went to […]

Forbairt in Lego

Forbairt in Lego Forbairt Lego Man

How do you make yourself in lego? I’m not entirely sure. Step 1: take what you suspect people think you do most and Step 2: dump it into a photo? Does this count as a lego selfie? So what did I put into this “Forbairt Lego minifig” Cool t-shirt? ( I like to think I’ve […]