Blacknight now offering website migration

Blacknight now offering website migration Migrate to Blacknight

As per the title Blacknight is now offering website migrations. It’s not quite as simple as click click click things need to be backed up. Moving to the new platform (think all the files / databases / permissions / special tweaks you’ve done to the code to make it run on the existing platform) So […]

Current Mood…

Current Mood… Current Mood Tired

Tired … and in search of brainz brainz … erm … I mean chocolate … Don’t know if it’s the weather though it’s not particularly miserable today it’s actually rather nice or just tired in general? Holidays are about resting right? Why is it I don’t feel particularly rested after them?

Guess who in lego

Guess who in lego Guess Who in Lego

I guess if you take some of the more popular people from the Irish Twitter stream it’s rather easy to come up with Lego representations of them. I personally don’t think I need to mention who this is. If you’ve not figured it out there’s no hope for you. I had wanted to post this […]