The new domain name game

I’m working for the leading Irish web hosting company Blacknight and so get to deal with domains a lot. In the domain name industry we’re living in slightly exciting times. We’re about to see the launch of 100s of new extensions. The original number of applications was up around 1930 with a number of collisions […]

Autumn is here…

I managed to get out at the weekend to take a few shots around the place. Apart from taking one selfie which I actually quite like I ended up taking this shot which I really love. While not shot in RAW I ended up using the photoshop raw filter in post processing and I really […]

My life in Lego…

If you know me this lego picture I took would probably make a lot of sense. I’m fueled by caffeine. I have a baby. I work for Blacknight. (Their logo is a horse …) I have a cat, there are many cats in existence but this one is mine. I shall call him Squishy. I […]

Changing the sort order on a select dropdown

Changing the sort order on a select dropdown Inpecting elements in the Web Devloper Plugin

In a previous post how can i use my local css on a remote website I mentioned GreaseMonkey and it’s magical powers for doing things from your browser on remote websites. I’m going doing the same thing once again this time I want to change the sort order on a drop down within the new […]