How can I use my local css on a remote website? (without ftp)

How can I use my local css on a remote website? (without ftp) Use Local CSS On A Live Site

Ever had a case of wanting to update CSS on a live site but don’t want to go making a local copy of the site for testing. You also don’t want to break anything on the live site that the boss will notice. So to make a local copy you’ll need to pull out the […]

Hello World! I want a website

I don’t think I can begin to tell you the amount of times I’ve come to my own websites and thought to myself, I’m going to make something amazing. You start on your own projects, you get sidetracked, you come back and you scrap all your thoughts on it. You start fresh once again the […]

junk email…

junk email…

I find myself unsubscribing more and more from newsletters these days they are time consuming and mostly not relevant to me. I quite like the one click scenario however it’s flawed in some respects that I can forward a newsletter to a friend as I often do and they’ll end up with my one click […]

300 new jobs for ireland …

So I see the journal have their hands on the TDs expenses for the country. I see a total figure of around the 6 million mark for their expenses €6,041,840.76 that’s 165 claiming expenses and one didn’t Averaging that out we get €36,617.22 per TD NICE!!! What’s the minimum wage again in Ireland? It looks […]

A rant about SOPA

A rant about SOPA

I’ve been lying here in bed for the last hour or two unable to sleep as I do from time to time and my mind inevitably wanders to the news and what’s happening at the moment and I start thinking about the whole Stop SOPA Ireland thing. I laugh a little to myself and start […]

How do I get my picture in the comments on a blog?

How do I get my picture in the comments on a blog? Where's my profile picture

So I’d decided that on the new blog I’d have some tips and tricks for people. The first one for me is a pretty obvious one given the first few comments on the blog (see the header graphic). Also following on from some comments previously on my personal blog and also given who was the […]