It pays to shop around…

You know how it pays to shop around right? I think we all do but sometimes I’m just blown away by quite how much prices can vary. I wanted to get my nephew a little present for Christmas. Personally I think lego is the kind of gift that just keeps on giving so hey presto I said why not. I’ve already gotten him Batman so Superman is the next logical step right? :) (Especially with the recent movie) So I head on over to and what do I see … well it’s set 76009 for €27.99 and that technically doesn’t include free shipping. You can get free shipping if you hit €55.


Realising I’m going to be back in Ireland for a few days and I take a quick look at with the below pricing … oh hell that’s a bit better €24.99 and down to €22.49 SCORE!

Lego Price

However once again it’s not including any shipping so that’ll be another €4.99 thank you very much so we’re back to €27.48 in total? OUCH!

Lego with Shipping

I’ve an amazon prime subscription which means free shipping for the year / next day delivery. I love it … do I get my value’s worth out of it? I’m not entirely sure I like to think I do. So ( yes I’m in France ) are doing the exact same set for €17.69 with free shipping because I have free shipping. He searches. He clicks buy now… HE SCORES!!!

Lego Amazon

But wait there’s more! so imagine my surprise when I was back in Ireland last week for a few days and wander into Tesco. I’m picking up some of the usual things I miss from home. Lemsip / Curry Powder / Mince Pies and various other bits and bobs and lo and behold there on the shelf is the exact same kit! How much you might ask? €14.49 and I just have to put it into my basket and checkout.

As I said … it pays to shop around. Thankfully this year getting pricey toys for Charlotte isn’t something we have to do but in the future we’ll no doubt be forced to fork out on the latest and greatest things. I for one however know I’ll be shopping around.

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