Raw post processing on normal photos in Adobe Photoshop CC

You know what? I was late to the game with all of Adobe CC …it’s what happens when you don’t follow / update things for a bit. A few weeks ago I came across a things you should know about Adobe Photoshop CC and I was like what? hang on CC is out?? erm … yeah I know majorly late to the game.

This weekend for the first time ever I found myself taking some RAW shots with the camera. Every “serious” photographer I’ve ever spoken to always goes on about taking things in RAW so I said what the hell I’ll try. What can I say about it I was blown away completely BUT and here’s a big BUT it kinda seems like I’m now relying on post processing to do a lot more with the shots? For a casual shot I just want to point and shoot ( ok point and shoot with a dSLR but point and shoot all the same) Will I be shooting RAW any time soon? Maybe if I’ve got something professional to shoot or too much time on my hands. In the meantime I’ve switched back the camera from RAW mode.

25MBs vrs my Usual 5 – 6 MBs oh and I’m a hoarder!

What shooting in RAW did make me realise is that you can still use the Camera RAW filter on any photos you’ve got. You’ll find it in the Filter menu (it opened automagically for me when I double clicked the RAW canon files)

Camera Raw Filter Location

So you can take your normal shot open it with the Camera RAW (I’m going to keep on saying RAW cus it sounds better than Raw) Filter and there’s a host of options available to you what I’d normally have to do in a few different steps is now open in one and it is COOL.

Camera Raw Filter Unedited

OK this is probably a bad example it was rushed during my lunch break but you get the idea … play around tweak the colours to a more natural mode the sky is your limit.

Camera Raw Filter Edited

Me I’m now very happy using this filter for post processing even my normal quick snaps on the camera!

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