Straight Facts – Vote Yes

Straight Facts - Vote Yes

So I ended up working on a small PDF to try and put together a small summary of the key points that people seem to be discussing or confused by in the marriage referendum. It’s an A4 PDF for no other reason than that seems like a good size. It could no doubt be tweaked a bit but I guess that’s besides the point.

Thanks to @brian_dneen, @mneylon, @damienmulley and @imisaninja for input, ideas and feedback :)

Here’s a 1200×1697 pixel png of it in case that’s more your thing :)

I call it Straight Facts!

Straight Facts - Vote Yes

Feel free to download it print it / pass it onto friends.

If you’ve got any other suggestions / corrections let me know and I’ll see about updating it.

Straight Facts – Vote Yes PDF (1.4MB)

One Comment

  • I would substitute “civil marriage” for “traditional marriage” so as to emphasis that we are voting upon a civil matter. The “traditional marriage” that is felt to be under threat is a religious matter and will continue to go its merry way even if we get 100% yes-vote. I would seek to uncouple civil-marriage from church-marriage in the minds of any undecided voters.

    Other than that though its brilliant.


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