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Advent Calendar Day 19 Planes

The mind works in mysterious lego ways …

Advent Calendar Day 19 Planes

I ended up picking up the Lego City Advent Calendar this year. Why? cus I wanted to, also it was going rather cheap in SuperU compared to the online prices of various places. I’ve opened them with Charlotte most mornings though with being gone a week back to Ireland we may have opened a few more before I left.

I’ve avoided posting a daily picture of each item. Some have been better than others. Val would have preferred if they were all Christmas themed items. I’m happy they aren’t as there’s more potential for reuse and photo ops.

Today’s present is the above. Wonderfully simple items each made from 5 little bricks and I simply find them so cool. I’m also reminding of the below advert which is extremely clever and puts the 5 bricks to shame opting for 2 to do the same job.

It’s lego – unleash your imagination.Lego unleash your imagination

Lego Christmas Tree

Managed to get the tree up today

As per the title … managed to get the tree up today.

Lego Christmas Tree

It’s part of the Lego Advent Calendar I bought. I won’t be around every day this month though so we opened up one or two extra days I’ll be away. This was one of the items and it does make me rather happy.

The first item in the Advent calendar was …

Advent Calendar Day 1

Truth be told I don’t recall ever having an advent calendar apart from a chocolate one which doesn’t really count does it? Happy December everyone