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Print is dead! Long live the print!

Recently I’ve found myself doing more and more print work. This is scary as I’ve never had any formal training in all things print  related (or not print related for that matter) so I’m always slightly nervous. Especially so when the adverts are half page adverts.

Sunday Business Post Blacknight Office 365 pub

Still I think that they’ve been coming out rather nicely even if I am biased.

The above is currently running in the Sunday Business Post and it’s for Office 365 through Blacknight.

The below was running in one of the supplements recently

Thanks to Gianni for the photos ( You just can’t seem to pick up copies of the Irish papers here :P )

Blacknight Sunday Business Post Open For Business Pub

They seem to be turning out quite well so far. Let me know what you think in the comments below! ( oooh I went there )

Blacknight Open for Business Advert

The Stress!!!

The Stress Button

If you know what the above picture is then you possibly know the stress that comes with pressing it. When you’re writing / designing  a newsletter  you hope that you don’t screw up anything in it. Sure a spelling mistake isn’t a big deal / or is it? Does it make things look unprofessional to some people? Are all the links working. That last minute change … did it break something else. Are all the offers right? because you know someone will take an issue if it says something and they can’t get it at that price … PHEW

We sent out the Blacknight newsletter the other day (Click to read it)

Blacknight Newsletter September 2015

Lots happening chez Blacknight with a new Site Builder .. Office 365 being launched … Ranking Coach if you’re trying to get to number one in Google search … the new Status Blog and ALL of the domains. There’s a promo on .irish as well in case that’s your kinda thing.

Game Of Domains

The Blacknight SME Awards Design

SME Awards Design

You know when you can only say for so long that you don’t do print design? :)

I guess I can’t say that anymore.

This weekend saw my 4m x 3m baby unrolled at the Blacknight SME Awards in Cork. I have to say WOW it’s a nice feeling to see your work at that size. Mental note … check check and quadruple check your work zoomed at max. That awkward moment when you see a small issue after everything has gone to print = ARGH

Oh well you can see the stage design (Though it’s rather dark) as well as a few of the popups / swords and other props I put together. All in all it was pretty great to work with Gianni Ponzi on this. Good feedback / Great ideas (could we do cutouts) and even if he was screaming for Blood … we left that out.

Personally I think with the launch of the recent season of Game of Thrones my Game of Domains concept was rather fun. It’s always tough to make domains “sexy” and to make people think outside of the .com or ccTLD ( .ie / .fr )

Game Of Domains

PS: In case some people ended up with some bizarre heat sensitive mugs, they weren’t meant to be given away at the awards. They were concepts / experiments I was running. ( le sigh )

Concept To Execution


Concept To Execution

I’d love to say I came up with this lego picture before I did the actual invites for our Data Centre launch.

I simply didn’t.

I am currently working on a video however which is kinda cool and actually requires some story boarding and careful thought rather than my usual dive right into an image. Especially as rendering time is probably going to be insane on it.

Are there any useful story board utilities out there? (for the mac or online)

Rare Behind The Scenes Footage

Battling coffee addiction!

Rare Behind The Scenes Footage

I started the year with plans to cut down on the coffee. I drink too much of the stuff I dump sugar into it and repeat. This gives me the buzz at the time but later on I crash or worse still I can’t sleep. So I ended up finishing off all the coffee in the flat. I think there may be some decaff pods somewhere but erm .. decaff what’s the point.

So today I whipped out the juicer. It takes minutes to make a really nice juice. For the above I threw in:

  • a few branches of celery
  • 1 apple
  • 1/2 a cucumber
  • A decent sized chunk of ginger (1 – 2 cm cube )

Refreshing and tasty though a lot of people seem to have a problem with celery and it’s taste I love it. If I’d had any carrots around I’d have thrown one in as well.

While I get plenty of veg in the dinners we prepare I generally don’t go out of my way to eat any extra veg / fruit. I like to think this is a good way to get some and it’s quick too. The longest part is the clean up of the juicer.

Migrate to Blacknight

Blacknight now offering website migration

Migrate to Blacknight

As per the title Blacknight is now offering website migrations. It’s not quite as simple as click click click things need to be backed up. Moving to the new platform (think all the files / databases / permissions / special tweaks you’ve done to the code to make it run on the existing platform) So if you fill out the form the Blacknight migration team will get back to you. A lot of the time the move may include a few tweaks to the site not to mention software upgrades. Improved banners / theme / update of the software you’re running so I think it’s most definitely worth it. Though it’s best to get in contact to see exactly what’s possible.

I threw together the above  photo/image over lunch cus well we’ve got battle hardened troops ready to dive right in.

Noticing A Theme

We like the Pie II

Noticing A Theme

Ho Ho Ho … taking time out to share some of the Christmas cheer around here :)

I suspect my baggage on the way back to Nantes is going to be filled with these mince pies (well maybe not these specifically but .. ) and some jars of Mince Meat. Lemsips will be stocked up on as well … ( Found some Christmas tissues last night as well I had to buy they go nicely with the photo )

Anybody need me to bring back anything? :)

The new domain name game

The New Domain Game

I’m working for the leading Irish web hosting company Blacknight and so get to deal with domains a lot. In the domain name industry we’re living in slightly exciting times. We’re about to see the launch of 100s of new extensions. The original number of applications was up around 1930 with a number of collisions in the applications so the actual figure was looking a lot more like 1409. There were 1179 applications with only 1 applicant for the extension. Want more fun facts / stats you can see a few on the dotwhat.co website I created a while back.

Yesterday saw the launch of the sunrise period for a number of the new extensions and you can see what’s going to be coming online over the next year or so. The big question for me is obviously going to be what are they going to cost? Whether or not they succeed or fail I’d suspect will be based on their pricing to some extent. Take .camera for example would a photographer get that? or would they wait for .photography to come online or what about .photo or .photos? You’ve suddenly got 4 extensions already in competition with each other unless I’m going crazy… but wait … there’s more what about .shop if you’re a shop or .lighting if you’re involved in photography lighting or .equipment? Confused yet? I know I am :) Will people just stick with the well known and trusted .com or opt for their local country code tld or what about the extension for the city you live in? (Yes there are a number of regional and city specific TLDs coming online as well)

Interesting times indeed … the roll out of the new extensions is looking something like …

November 2013

December 2013

January 2014

Early 2014

Late 2014

The other big question is who’ll be able to supply them all? It’s not just as simple when you’re a registrar as saying hey we offer these you need to integrate them into your system. You need to have a balance of money deposited with them and what’s more you need to give them product placement and meet goals in order to be able to get reductions on pricing …

OK I’m going to stop now I’m giving myself a headache!!!

Interested in knowing more you can always signup for information on the Blacknight website.

Update 13:49 (GMT+1): Andrew from .wiki got in contact and it has been moved from the December 2013 to the early 2014 section.