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Like Me Like Me Like Me

Like (<-- had to start the post with that) a lot of web people I've pretty full todo list. It doesn't seem be shrinking at all. Thankfully however it increasing exponentially least not my understanding maths anyways ... one things on list for while has been create Facebook Landing Page for Blacknight. I’ve toyed with various ideas on and off over the last few weeks and had a pretty cool one made and then Michele points me at an extremely simple welcome page on facebook today and I just had to completely backtrack.

I generally don’t do that much “social media” stuff apart from interacting (oh wait isn’t that what it’s all about) … but I’ve never marketed myself in any way as a social media guru (unless of course you count Donkey Fluff). So it is rather nice to get to play around with things. A while back I created the Town Hall Theatre Facebook page … I hadn’t been asked to but it really is something that can be setup in two minutes (to actively man it is going to take a lot of work I’ll admit) and well I wanted to make sure they got their facebook username. 1300 fans later give or take and it is doing ok … it’s the kind of page that should maybe have 4 or 5 thousand fans I guess for galway (popular around 80k) maybe more. Anyways for minimum effort their Facebook page is up and doing rather nicely. The Town Hall Theatre gang have gotten on board as well and a few of them man it from time to time and I’m going to guess it will become a bigger and bigger line of communication for them over the next while similar to a lot of the theatre groups around Ireland. All in all I think of that as a nice little social media success with limited effort.

Back to the Future or the present at any rate and Blacknight’s landing page. We’ve come up with something rather simple. We’ll see how it works out over the next little while a woman pointing to the Like button … hopefully a clear enough message. Like us … it’s the goal of the page we want people to come back and interact. Limit the amount of text … don’t confuse people with way too much info … and we’ve included a few screen shots of a few of the Blacknight sites some people may recognise. Hey presto it is live. We’ll just have to see how it goes over the next little while and potentially tweak it (but as you know there are countless factors involved … how often we link to it … are people on holidays … times we tweet things online and so on big list)

The Blacknight Facebook Landing Page

On a side note … I opted to use a semi generic image / no face on it as half the time people start to ask oh who is she / he and hell that isn’t what this is about … it’s about pointing to the “Like” button so what do you think? Obvious enough? not working for you?

Here is the landing page www.facebook.com/blacknight (of course if you’ve already liked blacknight you’ll need to go to http://www.facebook.com/blacknight?v=app_6009294086

As always I love getting feedback … yes sometimes I’ll be gutted by the responses but meh democracy in action says the majority rules or something like that :)