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OSX Ginger Kitty is nearly here

So I ended up grabbing OSX Lion and performing an upgrade yesterday and everything went without a hitch. Nice picture of a lion and of course it got me thinking he’s just a big Cat no? And so the world famous model Squishy The Cat came to mind and hey presto I give you the possible 10.8 release of OSX.

OSX Ginger Kitty

Good grief I hear you say .. he’s everywhere where will he appear next? :)

Borcat … for make benefit glorious nation of Çatakhstan

So its been a week or so since my last post but I’ve got my excuses lots has been happening. I was in Morocco for one and had a great time. Shutting down completely for a few days from online life is definitely to be recommended from time to time. Are we too connected sometimes .. yes .. yes we are.

The worst thing about coming back from holidays where you shut off is the amount of catching up you have to do especially when you’re a freelancer but thats going somewhere else that I don’t want to go with this post and a post on Fes in Morocco and my trip will be coming up shortly… So without further ado here we have my latest contribution to the Squishy The Cat / Catatar dynasty meet Borcat:D


This is Catatar

Out with the old and in with the new so to speak … I have recently been making some decisions … I find that my time is less than productive when on Twitter though it is a good release for me working from a home office. I’ve also found that I was spending more and more time on Mafia Wars on Facebook … sure its just 10 seconds here 10 seconds there .. and pretty soon its 20 minutes – 30 minutes over the course of the day.

But what to do what to do .. I ended up setting up a facebook page for my cat … sad … no he doesn’t think so at all :D

What started rather silly has become a minor fun obsession for me for Example one of the first ones I created was:

A fun little image based on the Avatar movie with my cat

Ah well if you fancy becoming a fan of his page you can go on over to http://www.facebook.com/catatar I couldn’t get Squishy (before you ask its my nickname for him his real name is Yoda.