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Baked Cod with Onion and Tomato

This is an extremely quick one to prepare BUT it takes a while to cook

Frozen cod onion and tomatoe with basil and olive oil

You’re going to need a few ingredients

  1. 1 Large Onion ( 2 Medium)
  2. 5 or 6 large tomatoes
  3. 2 – 3 Cod Filets ( I’ve used frozen here )
  4. Rice
  5. Herbs to taste … Basil some Sea Salt and olive oil


  1. Start pre-heating your oven to 200ish Degrees C
  2. Chop up all your onion and place it into a oven read dish
  3. Place your cod filets on top spread out if possible
  4. Sprinkle some Basil onto the Cod
  5. Slice your tomatoes and layer on top of the Cod
  6. More basil and pour some olive oil over the whole thing
  7. Cover with tinfoil (I try to wrap it so it’s semi tight around the handles of the disk) and place into the oven for 30 ish minutes
  8. About 15 minutes in throw on your rice. (depending on how long your rice takes)
  9. with 5 – 10 minutes left of cooking time for your fish remove the tin foil so we start to boil off some of the juices.

Cooked cod in olive oil tomatoe and onion

And remove from the oven and serve. Very simple … VERY tasty Cod with onion, tomato and rice. Add more fresh basil if you’d like and serve

One Cod filet with rice onion and tomatoe

Mental note use better serving dish next time :)

Please sir can I have some more?

A Menu Del Dia

When I was first in Madrid in April/May 2009 I was blown away. One of the first things we did after checking into our place in Chueca was to go in search of some food. Not speaking the lingo at all we looked at various menus outside restaurants all mentioning a “Menu del Dia” (Menu of the Day) We picked a place not the most chic and what I’d probably classify as a working mans restaurant. I had Spag bol as the First Plate (what would be a main in Ireland) followed by I think it was a plate of Eggs / Gammon steak and chips … this came with a bottle of wine … a desert and a coffee. Pricey pricey … and it came to under 9 euro. I felt like there had been some kinda mistake surely that can’t be right is it not 9 euro per plate given the size and the portions? Over a year later and we’re going to be moving on but one thing remains the same. I am still blown away by the prices of lunch. Madrid is one of those cities I think where no matter your budget you can find something. An indian sit down meal with a beer can be had for 6 – 7 euro depending (vegetarian option usually … a starter … main … and naan / rice …) and will come with a beer as well. You can venture to more upmarket places and spend whatever you want.

Today we went for what may be our final walk in the Rastro for some time and went looking for lunch shortly after. Doh!!! it was only 12:10 or thereabouts … starving marvin and hadn’t realised it was so early. A lot of places won’t start the menu till around 1:30 / 2 … eating times in Madrid seem to be between 2 – 3. We were passing by a place with a menu outside already … hang on … took a look and saw it was a brunch menu. Now it may just be the places I go to but I don’t generally see brunch menus.

Outside La  Camarilla

Looks good to me so what the hell in we go.

First thing is first it was quite pricey .. 19€ for Brunch but Buy one get one free. No .. I have no idea how that works … here’s hoping.

Took our places … (it was quite busy) and the waitress comes asking if we want Orange or Cava … now I’m allergic to Orange Juice and the thought of having “Champagne” with my brunch pleased me greatly so guess what I picked.

Orange Juice and Champagne / Cava

Potentially I should have had a second orange Juice for Valérie-Anne but … :D

Picking our options I was pleased by the selection. I went with the revuelto de morcilla (Scrambled eggs with black pudding .. but not exactly Irish style black pudding and VERY tasty) Val had the Eggs Benedict which she said was lovely. This also came with a plate of mini croissants / brownies / crackers (which you can see in the background)

Revuelto de Morcilla

Onwards to the second plate and I went with the Tacos de Bacalao con verduras ( Cod fried bites on a plate of veg – courgette and pepper) again .. W … O … W is all I can say very tasty stuff.

tacos de bacalao

After all this … the waitress asked if we wanted a coffee and I thought yeah sure nice way to finish off the meal (second coffee of the meal) I assumed we’d be paying extra for another coffee (it’s not pot coffee but espressos / cafe solo )

Cafe Solo

We demanded the bill and the shock .. the horror !!!

The Brunch Bill

Please sir can I have some more? But seriously 19€ … 4 espressos .. an orange juice (freshly squeezed) .. a glass of Cava (Very tasty) .. Croissants .. brownies … 4 what I’d consider main meals given the sizes and it all comes to 19€.

*le sigh* Dear Madrid I am going to miss you when we move to Nantes this week