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Where's my profile picture

How do I get my picture in the comments on a blog?

Where's my profile picture

So I’d decided that on the new blog I’d have some tips and tricks for people. The first one for me is a pretty obvious one given the first few comments on the blog (see the header graphic). Also following on from some comments previously on my personal blog and also given who was the first to comment on my “professional” Blog :)

How do I get a profile pic / avatar in the comments on all these blog things just like you? (see the header graphic)

Well thankfully it’s quite easy. Just head on over to Gravatar.com

It’s FREE!!! and that probably leads you to wonder why / how on earth / what the …. well it’s a service provided by Automattic ( The company behind WordPress, PollDaddy and a whole lot more )

You’re probably wondering why and truth be told I wonder the same at times but then I think it’s something that binds people together and helps people feel more at ease with their services. This means in turn that you’ll continue to use the products and services of the company helping to strengthen their offerings. Which do you prefer a comment without a graphical representation of the user or a nice smiley little picture of someone. You come back and you recognise the person you go to other blogs and you see the same person you start to build trust. So it’s something I’d definitely be recommending you do if you’re new to blogging / commenting / setting up your website. Associate your email address with a graphic and be recognised across the web.

What i Do

What does Forbairt do?

What does forbairt do?

A little bit before Christmas I was asked a pretty simple question. How will I introduce you. As in what’s my job title. I guess it’s a pretty basic question and one I should have had an answer for. I hummed and hawed for a minute mumbling something about being a web designer or developer or doing a bit of marketing as well. I guess a lot of freelancers are in the same boat. You tend to take on multiple roles to some extent when you work for yourself as a web designer.

In the last year I’ve migrated (from Movable Type to WordPress) and templated up the new Blacknight Blog. I’ve worked on the Getting Irish Business Online project with Blacknight / Google / An Post and the County and City Enterprise Boards. I’ve taken photos and even ended up using some for strange little marketing promos. I’ve come up with ideas on how to market various things more recently with the launch of Dot XXX. I’ve developed Dropped.ie the Irish domain dropped .ie tool as well as GetPersonalWith.Me. I’ve worked on the stand design for the .Me Domain Registry. Tutorial videos, blog posts, manning the twitter / facebook accounts, support, vBulletin theming, Logo design, Print design,  numerous micro sites for Blacknight, the Blacknight newsletters, spoken on the radio promoting the company, helped develop the new Blacknight Cloud Store investigating new tools and technologies and a whole lot more that I can’t remember right now. Least I forget it I’ve taken Squishy The Cat‘s Facebook page up to 900 fans and hopefully brought a smile to peoples faces as well in doing so.

Saying I’m a web designer or developer doesn’t seem to be quite right so I asked the powers that be at work what’s my job title. They weren’t sure and said come up with something. I asked friends on twitter and in the end I opted for the title / description of Creative Lead. Guess it sums me up pretty well. Makes it sound like there are more creatives in the company too I guess but ah well I don’t want to just call my self creative.

I do what needs to be done with my own style and sense of humour.

I am Forbairt hear me type :)