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Forbairt Lego Man

Forbairt in Lego

Forbairt Lego Man

How do you make yourself in lego? I’m not entirely sure. Step 1: take what you suspect people think you do most and Step 2: dump it into a photo? Does this count as a lego selfie? So what did I put into this “Forbairt Lego minifig”

  • Cool t-shirt? ( I like to think I’ve generally got a cool t-shirt on)
  • Camera?
  • Coffee? (I’m trying to give up honest)
  • Ginger Cat
  • Computer (Stuck in front of one at my desk – my desk is black and has red legs)
  • Twitter?
  • Bed Hair? :)

Am I missing anything? :)


What i Do

What does Forbairt do?

What does forbairt do?

A little bit before Christmas I was asked a pretty simple question. How will I introduce you. As in what’s my job title. I guess it’s a pretty basic question and one I should have had an answer for. I hummed and hawed for a minute mumbling something about being a web designer or developer or doing a bit of marketing as well. I guess a lot of freelancers are in the same boat. You tend to take on multiple roles to some extent when you work for yourself as a web designer.

In the last year I’ve migrated (from Movable Type to WordPress) and templated up the new Blacknight Blog. I’ve worked on the Getting Irish Business Online project with Blacknight / Google / An Post and the County and City Enterprise Boards. I’ve taken photos and even ended up using some for strange little marketing promos. I’ve come up with ideas on how to market various things more recently with the launch of Dot XXX. I’ve developed Dropped.ie the Irish domain dropped .ie tool as well as GetPersonalWith.Me. I’ve worked on the stand design for the .Me Domain Registry. Tutorial videos, blog posts, manning the twitter / facebook accounts, support, vBulletin theming, Logo design, Print design,  numerous micro sites for Blacknight, the Blacknight newsletters, spoken on the radio promoting the company, helped develop the new Blacknight Cloud Store investigating new tools and technologies and a whole lot more that I can’t remember right now. Least I forget it I’ve taken Squishy The Cat‘s Facebook page up to 900 fans and hopefully brought a smile to peoples faces as well in doing so.

Saying I’m a web designer or developer doesn’t seem to be quite right so I asked the powers that be at work what’s my job title. They weren’t sure and said come up with something. I asked friends on twitter and in the end I opted for the title / description of Creative Lead. Guess it sums me up pretty well. Makes it sound like there are more creatives in the company too I guess but ah well I don’t want to just call my self creative.

I do what needs to be done with my own style and sense of humour.

I am Forbairt hear me type :)

Dropped.ie gets some new features

Dropped.ie Screen Shot

So my name is James and I make websites. One of those websites is for Blacknight and its Dropped.ie the Dropped .IE domain list. Now even though I’m working on it I’m addicted to it. I just LOVE seeing what domains have dropped and whats available. I’ve even gone and picked up a few of them myself. (Details to follow when I actually get around to launching the projects they are for).

So my post title was about new features … get on with it you say. Well one of the features was described over on the blacknight blog. Semantic “Funky” Search. So basically .com suggested alternatives have been added in but with a slight twist. It’ll give you examples of other domains based on semantic search so if you go and search for espresso for example you’ll get hit with various search terms related to espresso .. and what is an espresso. Its a coffee.

Espresso Related domain search

They aren’t premium domains that you can buy from people. They are domains not registered at all. Handy no?

If premium domains are your thing they are listed there as well towards the bottom of your searches. A bit out of my budget for the most part but I dream of finding a great one going cheap at some stage.

So now you’re not just getting dropped .IE domains. You’re getting suggestions on .com domains that are available and premium domains.

Other nice features available are suggested keywords and county keywords.

From an SEO point of view with the .IE domains you can check on their age, history and from archive.org you can see what was previously on the sites.

So any comments / suggestions feel free to make them. Blacknight are open to suggestions and I’m open to challenged with messing about with the system.