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Borcat … for make benefit glorious nation of Çatakhstan

So its been a week or so since my last post but I’ve got my excuses lots has been happening. I was in Morocco for one and had a great time. Shutting down completely for a few days from online life is definitely to be recommended from time to time. Are we too connected sometimes .. yes .. yes we are.

The worst thing about coming back from holidays where you shut off is the amount of catching up you have to do especially when you’re a freelancer but thats going somewhere else that I don’t want to go with this post and a post on Fes in Morocco and my trip will be coming up shortly… So without further ado here we have my latest contribution to the Squishy The Cat / Catatar dynasty meet Borcat:D


Hot Fuzz y cats

Here’s one I prepared earlier. I really have been having fun with Photoshop and image manipulation this week. Here’s one of Hot Fuzz with Simon Pegg removed and Squishy shoved in in his place. This one was tricky enough to do but good fun all the same to do

Hot Fuzz y cat

Anyone have any suggestions on the next poster to do ? you can see the others I’ve already done over on http://www.facebook.com/catatar

Squishy presents – Feline Beauty

This was a rather fun little image to come up with. Obviously based on American Beauty its taking two separate shots of Yoda / Squishy. I’d actually have loved to have a proper shot of his tummy in high res for it but my camera is currently out of commission (Battery Charger issue .. it blew up)

And … on to the photo

Feline Beauty - A Semi Parody on American Beauty

I even had someone ask me for the high res version of it which kinda made my day ( sad I know but … such is life :D )