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Enter the SME Awards today!

SME Awards Minifigs

In case you didn’t know we’re the headline sponsor for the SMEAwards.ie . I fixed up this image yesterday. If you’re in the know well Blacknight .. a “dragon” with a heart? a business man and what the hell a unicorn for good measure :) It makes sense right? :)

I also worked on the advert in the Sunday Business Post last weekend which came out rather nicely even if I do say so myself. It’s always a relief when things print out ok and especially when there are last minute changes.

SBP Awards Advert in the Sunday Business Post

If you’re running a business in Ireland you might like to enter. It’s free to enter and potentially a great PR event for you and networking event and who knows where it goes. You might even win!

Enter before Valentines day over on www.smeawards.ie

Decool Imitation Lego

Cheap knockoff lego…

A few weeks ago .. I was scanning ebay for Lego as I do … ( HEY! some people collect stamps and stuff :P )and lo and behold I saw some lego like mini figs. CHEAP CHEAP minifigs. Now if you follow Lego sales at all you’ll know an Iron Man minifig will sell for 10 euro give or take. Darth Vader can sell for 20 – 50 at times madness I know!

I opted for the 15 pack of superhero minifigs and they arrived this morning. I’ve been kinda excited about their arrival. You know those toys you always wanted as a kid? I wanted lego … LOTS and LOTS of lego.

Decool Imitation Lego

So which one is which? :) (1 is actual lego the other is the knockoff)

Of course the suit isn’t the same ( there are 6 different iron man costumes available ) The colours are maybe off slightly but then I’m not sure if that’s just the different suit.

Am I happy? HELL YEAH!

It’s imitation Lego at a fraction of the price of the real stuff. The build quality isn’t quite up to the same level as the official stuff. The brand is Decool in case anyone is interested.

The Monolith

lego Simpsons is coming and I’ll be ready!

The Monolith

So my streams were all a buzz last week about the new Lego sets that are coming out. People may think I’m obsessed with lego at times. The sets in question are of course the Simpsons sets. Well I’ll be brushing up on my lego photo taking skills and maybe even adding in one or two Props! Unfortunately the above prop disappeared shortly after this photo was taken.

Have a look at the below video it’s rather cool it’s the Simpsons Lego house it’ll be costing around the €200 mark which while quite pricey is rather good pricing for a set of this size. ($199 dollars in the US which comes in at around €150 why why do they do this sighs) Will I be getting it? God no but I’d love to pick up a Homer. I’d even need to pick up some more props for him :)

Forbairt Lego Man

Forbairt in Lego

Forbairt Lego Man

How do you make yourself in lego? I’m not entirely sure. Step 1: take what you suspect people think you do most and Step 2: dump it into a photo? Does this count as a lego selfie? So what did I put into this “Forbairt Lego minifig”

  • Cool t-shirt? ( I like to think I’ve generally got a cool t-shirt on)
  • Camera?
  • Coffee? (I’m trying to give up honest)
  • Ginger Cat
  • Computer (Stuck in front of one at my desk – my desk is black and has red legs)
  • Twitter?
  • Bed Hair? :)

Am I missing anything? :)


Migrate to Blacknight

Blacknight now offering website migration

Migrate to Blacknight

As per the title Blacknight is now offering website migrations. It’s not quite as simple as click click click things need to be backed up. Moving to the new platform (think all the files / databases / permissions / special tweaks you’ve done to the code to make it run on the existing platform) So if you fill out the form the Blacknight migration team will get back to you. A lot of the time the move may include a few tweaks to the site not to mention software upgrades. Improved banners / theme / update of the software you’re running so I think it’s most definitely worth it. Though it’s best to get in contact to see exactly what’s possible.

I threw together the above  photo/image over lunch cus well we’ve got battle hardened troops ready to dive right in.

Eolai Challenge Accepted

Eolaí – Challenge Accepted

I have to admit to being kinda blown away by the response to my If Eolaí were a lego man post. To date it has more than 140 likes on facebook. Which is kinda mind blowing. My previous post on What should I be charging for webdesign? which racked up quite a few likes and a LOT of comments didn’t quite garner the same number of facebook likes. It did at the time when it was mentioned by a few big sites end up crashing my blog. (You’ll notice no likes anymore as it existed on my old blog so the likes are no longer showing up I think it was around 80 or 90 though I’d need to confirm.)

So how can I follow up the previous Eolaí picture you might ask? Why with another one of course.

Eolai Challenge Accepted

I’d ordered Val a new teapot the other day so the timing couldn’t have been better. Over doing the lego posts? What the hell it makes me happy on my lunch break!