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Lego Lemsip Nurse

Feeling like crap there’s a lego picture with lemsip for that…

Here’s an image I posted October 8th 2012 on facebook. I woke up around 5am this morning feeling all bunged up and I finally gave in and stuck the kettle on.

Lego Lemsip Nurse

You can’t get lemsip here in France or at least I’ve never seen it. Given the amount of paracetamol in it as well I’d have to go to the pharmacy ( or a doctors? ) to get it here.

So next week when I’m back in Ireland for a few days I’ll be stocking up. Of course you can only buy one pack at a time as they don’t want people overdosing on the stuff. A rule I find a bit laughable. However it’s not the cashiers fault that they can’t sell you two packs even though you’ll be back into the store in two minutes to buy another box.