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A Blank Canvas

A new year (2014) and a blank canvas…

A Blank Canvas

Are we meant to write the new years resolution post yet? (RIP 2013)

I don’t really know too many people who keep to their new years resolutions that well. I know for one when I do I always make it a few days and fail miserably. Get sad about it and then go screw it. So this isn’t a here are my new years resolutions post. It’s my new year plans, dreams and aspirations. Someplace I can come back to and think am I keeping on track at all?

You can skip to the last line of the post here if you’d like.

1: I’d like to blog more. Blogging takes time though. I could say I’d like to do one post a day for the year but what type of quality would they be of? I’ve already been trying to do a daily post with some limited success but we fall back into old habits of ug I’ve not done one for a few days so why bother. In December I took steps towards solving that somewhat. I merged my blogs into one. This one. I used have a work site, a personal site, another personal site a food site and so on… you get the idea. They’ve kinda lain dormant though so having just the one place to post should be good.

2: I’d like to fall in love with work again. I’m rather passionate about what I do (At least I’d like to think I am.) I like having a random idea and putting it into play quickly. I’m not sure why but I’ve suffered to stay in that happy place where I wake up going woo hoo a brand new day what am I going to work on today. Maybe it’s all related to life in general. It’s something I plan on trying to address more.

3: I’m going to cook more. I generally do cook quite a bit as it is. If I’m simply cooking for myself however it’s a case of buy a pizza (ready meal) and bung it in the oven. I think the horse meat scandal earlier in the year was a slight eye opener though. It’s not that I wouldn’t eat a ready made lasagne though it’s more a question of what’s actually in there? What are those funny E numbers and do I really want my daughter eating that? (Don’t worry when cooking for Charlotte I rarely if ever think of a ready made meal baring a complete emergency.)  Maybe I’ll blog the meals recipes more, see point 1 above :P

4: I’m going to improve my French. I’ve already taken steps this year and have started doing a course in the university. You’d think after what 3+? years in France my French would be better wouldn’t you, however working from a home office with Irish people doesn’t really help with that. So I’m going to continue on with the French classes and make attempts to write more in French.

5: Make more friends. You know when you reach a certain point in your life and you’re kinda stuck with the same group of friends and it rarely changes? I’d like to try changing that some more for the better this year. The age old oh you should join a club or do this or that is the common suggestion people make. Add in busy schedules and it’s not always that easy. 2 nights a week gone on French Class. Minding Charlotte another night or two and suddenly there isn’t a lot of time for going making “football” friends!

6: Take better photos. I guess this goes without saying for me. I love taking photos. Sometimes a completely crappy photo will make me happy. I’d like to reduce the crappy photos get more manual and get more used to using flash for photography ( that probably means I need to buy a flash right … *sighs*.

7: Cut out the crap from my diet. It’s a vicious circle in my life. I drink coffee to wake up. I drink coffee to excess. I grab a beer in the evenings to chill out and relax. Repeat. Throw in some nibbles of some sort and hey presto it’s pretty bad for you. While it’s doubtful I’ll be able to cut everything out ( and well why would I want to ) I plan to try improving things.

8: Learn more. I love learning. I’m constantly learning. In the last year I started using illustrator more. Playing with video in the form of After Effects and Premier and a whole pile of other applications. While I’d love to get modeling stuff in 3D I have to realise I just don’t have the time anymore. There are only so many hours in the day.

9: I want to spend less time on the computer. (He says on a holiday at 22:41 at night in his home office) I like a lot of people spend a silly amount of time on the computer. I don’t sit in front of the TV much at all. ( At least I don’t think I do )

10: Work on one programming project for fun. I seem to have excuses / excuses for not working on personal projects. I managed to get a few hours over the holidays and it really rekindled my love for programming. I need to map out time to play with personal programming projects. I suspect I have an all or nothing attitude going on in my head which means I won’t do 20 – 30 minutes on something as I simply say what’s the point. ( Maybe I end up doing a bit too much of that sort of chopping and changing at work … graphics / content writing / programming / marketing / design / talking … maybe it’s reflected in not doing this.)

So to sum up … I’m going to be better this year. Spend more time with my little family. Happy 2014!

James and Val the Beginning

10 years ago … I met a girl …

James and Val the Beginning

I met my wife ten years ago today. Like many people who meet their wife for the first time they don’t really realise she’s going to be their wife. There have been good times, bad times, great times and it has all gone by just a little bit too quickly for my liking. They do however say time flies when you’re having fun and I’d like to think we’ve had a lot of fun.

We live together, we work together and we’re bringing up our daughter together and she is the most beautiful and wonderful person I’ve ever known(Val not my daughter :P though my daughter is pretty great too even if I do say so myself). I’d say I love you on here but that’s be weird cus I love her :)

ps: yeah even when being serious I have to be silly!

I am not gay

I Am Not Gay

Thinking about this post title for a bit and I was wondering what it should be. I had a few thoughts but in the end I think the title I chose sums it up best.

Growing up for me in Catholic Ireland I did all the cliched things .. all boys Catholic Primary School .. all boys Catholic Secondary School. I went to mass I was taught what is right and what is wrong and I grew up with lots of questions about religion which I doubt I ever had an opportunity to ask a religious person and if I’d been in a position might actually have led to me being a more religious person. One thing I don’t think I’d ever heard mention in all my time growing up was the word gay. ( Apart from Gay Byrne :D ). ( Yes once I hit University it became more common )

Flash forward a bit and I ended up meeting my beautiful wife and marrying her in 2007 in the local Mairie of her parents village near Quimper in France. Exactly one week later we ended up having our Religious Ceremony in the Church (full shebang .. white dress … car … rice and what not) in the same village. Straight people were present and Gay people were present and oh my god! we’re still alive.

Maybe I led a sheltered existance early on in my life? I’m not entirely sure. I knew about sex. 15’s and 18’s movies were never an issue at home ( I’m talking Terminator and so on people). We were generally allowed (apart from if my parents thought they were really crap TBH) to watch what we wanted, or at least that’s my recollection of things. ( I still haven’t killed anyone for the experience of watching all the horror / war / fighting / guns I might add … I don’t think I’ve been in a fight since I was in School either)

This evening I’m just hit by something I just saw tweeted over on politics.ie http://twitter.com/#!/PoliticsIE/status/37575840262787073

FG do NOT support same-sex marriage following reply to query http://www.politics.ie/fine-gael/152305-fine-gael-do-not-support-same-sex-marriage.html

It just makes me go WOW. My reaction to this is why? My question is why? and I’m left just asking why why WHY?

What … ****ing difference does it make to, let us say, “straight” people in general if gay people are allowed to marry?
Will it change the fact they live together? No.
Will it change anything much for anyone? No but it really will make a big difference for them.

If I were to ask you “If two people who love each other decide they want to spend their future together would you stop them?” .. of course we’ll assume you’re not stalking them and in love with one of them here, but you hopefully get my point.

Please political parties COP ON … these are human rights … to happiness … freedom of choice … and freedom of lifestyle. If someone told me in the morning I wasn’t allowed to be married to my wife I’d be pretty pissed off. It’s pretty important to us … it’s a sign of our love and commitment to each other … not to mention there are tax implications…

Just something I needed to get off my chest.

(hopefully what I’ve wanted to say hasn’t been lost too much, that tweet I read just really really annoyed me)