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Decool Imitation Lego

Cheap knockoff lego…

A few weeks ago .. I was scanning ebay for Lego as I do … ( HEY! some people collect stamps and stuff :P )and lo and behold I saw some lego like mini figs. CHEAP CHEAP minifigs. Now if you follow Lego sales at all you’ll know an Iron Man minifig will sell for 10 euro give or take. Darth Vader can sell for 20 – 50 at times madness I know!

I opted for the 15 pack of superhero minifigs and they arrived this morning. I’ve been kinda excited about their arrival. You know those toys you always wanted as a kid? I wanted lego … LOTS and LOTS of lego.

Decool Imitation Lego

So which one is which? :) (1 is actual lego the other is the knockoff)

Of course the suit isn’t the same ( there are 6 different iron man costumes available ) The colours are maybe off slightly but then I’m not sure if that’s just the different suit.

Am I happy? HELL YEAH!

It’s imitation Lego at a fraction of the price of the real stuff. The build quality isn’t quite up to the same level as the official stuff. The brand is Decool in case anyone is interested.

Eolai Challenge Accepted

Eolaí – Challenge Accepted

I have to admit to being kinda blown away by the response to my If Eolaí were a lego man post. To date it has more than 140 likes on facebook. Which is kinda mind blowing. My previous post on What should I be charging for webdesign? which racked up quite a few likes and a LOT of comments didn’t quite garner the same number of facebook likes. It did at the time when it was mentioned by a few big sites end up crashing my blog. (You’ll notice no likes anymore as it existed on my old blog so the likes are no longer showing up I think it was around 80 or 90 though I’d need to confirm.)

So how can I follow up the previous Eolaí picture you might ask? Why with another one of course.

Eolai Challenge Accepted

I’d ordered Val a new teapot the other day so the timing couldn’t have been better. Over doing the lego posts? What the hell it makes me happy on my lunch break!

Eolai the Artist

If Eolaí were a lego man …

Eolai the Artist

I ended up doing a few of these for people last year and they are kind of fun. You tend to need to know a bit about the person though. So no I wasn’t asked by Eolaí (Liam Daly) to make one but after last night’s post about the new year and a blank canvas I couldn’t help but thinking the picture I’d used really did remind me of him. I’ve only met Liam 2 or 3 times at various tweetups or similar events. I do however stalk him on twitter though and like to see where he’s going with his art (…and when he’s getting his next cup of tea)

If you follow Eolaí on twitter you might get a few of the references in there. I’ve even added tags for those without much of an imagination :P

Now I just need to go buy a lego kit with a bicycle! (yes I’m already on ebay)


Ho Ho Ho

Last minute christmas panic!

No don’t worry it’s not last minute Christmas shopping panic. It’s last minute sorting out Charlotte’s present panic. Santa is building her a cooker and of course with one of the elves being away a week and not using all the tools that often this equates to things getting left to the last minute.

Oh well have a lego photo instead. It was the advent day 24 calendar and who had to arrive? SANTA

Ho Ho Ho

Noticing A Theme

We like the Pie II

Noticing A Theme

Ho Ho Ho … taking time out to share some of the Christmas cheer around here :)

I suspect my baggage on the way back to Nantes is going to be filled with these mince pies (well maybe not these specifically but .. ) and some jars of Mince Meat. Lemsips will be stocked up on as well … ( Found some Christmas tissues last night as well I had to buy they go nicely with the photo )

Anybody need me to bring back anything? :)

Top O The Morning To Ya

Top o’ the morning to ya!

Top O The Morning To Ya

I’m Irish .. I drink coffee by the bucket (though usually out of mugs) and I buy these donuts from my local bakery every time I have to drop Charlotte to the creche.

Today I’m thinking is going to be mostly fueled by coffee and sugar.

I’m starting the week fresh! … Freshly Knackered! :D

Did I mention I’m back in Ireland this week hence the lego minifig and me thinking of cheesy things the Irish would never actually say.

How Do You Feel

How do you feel?

I took this lego photo a while back and it strikes a cord with me every time I see it. Yes I know it’s just some little minifig but it’s always got that more serious edge to it as well. What face are you going to display to the world today?

How Do You Feel

Personally I’ve been feeling a bit fed up and unmotivated not to mention tired don’t think the grey weather helps. November has been a rough month!  Still it’s December now and I’m trying to get into a more positive place.

A friend a few days ago posted a rather raw account of something major that had happened in his life a while back and I just thought wow I never realised this.

What face do you show the world and how do you really feel?